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If you’re feeling lonely, rejected, stressed, sad or any other negative emotion, do you reach for food to drown out the pain and discomfort?
When difficult feelings arise in our lives, it can be a lot easier to just numb it out with food, rather than face all the emotion. 

Especially if we have been taught to always put on a brave face and to stop being so “emotional.”

But when we eat out of negative emotion like that, we’re not healing or getting any better...we’re simply drowning out our feelings with food. 

And we begin to depend on it for love and comfort.

So even if we know what and how we’re eating is causing problems (physically, mentally and emotionally) it’s hard to stop or change those negative patterns.

 It’s as if they have become too “normal” or safe to let go...

However, if we actually sat down, had an honest chat with ourselves and asked the question,

“What feelings am I experiencing right now 
and why?”

 it would help!

Does it sound a little scary though…like you don’t even want to 'go there'?

I hear you.
But, hold up, who am I to talk about “Reconnecting with Food?”
I’m Sairah Pettes, a Body Positive, Intuitive Eating Coach and the founder of I help women to stop the diet-cycle by teaching them to throw out their scales, and let go of ‘perfectionitis'.
In other words, I’m passionate about introducing women to a world without dieting.

After several years of working as a health coach for Canada’s largest weight loss company, I quickly grew tired of following the corporate road map that presented obesity, and low self-esteem as a dollar sign. After I left my 9-5, I travelled across the eastern coast of Australia, where I learned how to surrender to my body and make peace with food without a rulebook.

You see, for most of my life, I was unhappy and resentful of my body. I lived on a pre-packaged food diet, used food to deal with emotions and became dominated by depression. I was ignoring my body and controlling her every move. I was obsessed with the scale. I didn’t care about being healthy, I cared about “looking good.”

But during my 5-month trip abroad, I finally reconnected with my body. I began to listen to her. To trust her and to nourish, value and respect her wisdom. I finally understood what it meant to truly love your body.
Through the power of self-acceptance, I now coach women to eat with intention, without obsessive restriction and calorie counting, where they learn to love their bodies from the inside out.
It’s time to reconnect with food in a positive and empowering way.
It’s time to reconnect with yourself again. Because the world needs YOU...
the complete, dazzling, powerful version of YOU. 
That is why I am SO excited
to share with you
my introductory program:
Reconnect with Food is a self-study introductory course designed to improve your relationship with food and your body in a deep and lasting way. It gives you the guidance, safe space and support you need to think about these negative patterns and how to begin to heal from them.

Throughout the program, you will dive in and uncover the patterns behind WHY you are self-soothing with food. You will learn how to interpret food cravings and listen to your own intuition when it comes to what to eat, when to eat, and how much.
What else is included?
  •  Private Membership Area (to access each week of content)
  •  2-Week Self-Guided Reflective Food Diary
  • 2 Workbooks (1 for each week)
  • 2 Audios that will walk you through each week (and your workbooks!)
  • 1 “Hunger Scale” (included in Food Diary)
  • Unlimited Email Support during this 2-week period
"I am more aware of what I am eating, how I am eating and why I am eating.
I am more connected to the food I eat and I am more in control. I am continuing to eat great and I'm no longer bashing myself if I eat food that may be socially 'un-hip' or receiving bad food vibes from others. This has lead me to feeling more satisfaction from my meals and snacks overall."

- Justin Audilet -
2 Meditations (1 each week)
to help you feel more grounded and in the right mindset for completing the work

Mindful Eating Planner and Flow Chart
Learn to Eat with Intention. If you've been feeling disconnected from food, then this mindful eating planner will help you to fill in the gaps behind your emotional eating. 

“5 Tips to Eating Mindfully” Handout 
5 tips to help you get present and conscious with your food.
Private Facebook Group with Ongoing Support
So, if you find yourself…
  • Feeling out of control around food (whether it’s endless bars of chocolate or at a work party)
  •  Feeling confused about what to eat, when to eat and how much   
  •  Eating healthy all week, but then the weekends are a different story…   
  •  Overwhelmed by all the “rules” that classify “good” or “bad” foods   
  •  Always on (or off) a diet  
  •   Alternating between restricting and binging on foods
However, this program is NOT for you if:
  • You want to stay stuck in serial dieting cycle
  •  You are looking for a quick fix (meal plans, workouts, laxative teas, etc.)
  • You aren’t ready to get rid of the scale
  • You have “weight loss” as your only goal
  • You aren’t willing to stop measuring and weighing your food, or counting              calories
  • You aren’t ready to dig in and put in the effort to heal from a deeper, emotional level. 
But, if you are ready…
Here’s what you’ll learn each week:
  • How to release that diet mentality and truly commit to yourself during this program (and always!)
  • Get clear on where you’re at and what you’re experiencing
  • Understand your willingness to heal and the pros/cons of your wellness journey
  • How to create a support system and build your inner love circle
  • Understand WHY you’re feeling disconnected with food
  • Learn how to release old patterns and coping mechanisms
  • Discover your triggers and how to release the “restriction mentality”
  • Identify the different types of triggers and how to work through them
  • Record the experience you’re having surrounding food
  • Learn awareness and consciousness around your food habits
  • Identify how you’re feeling before, during and after your meal
  • Become aware of your emotional experience with food 
"Since using the Food Diary I now know my triggers and try to focus on the positive side of eating and nurturing my body.
Before I had the Food Diary I was afraid of what to eat and when to eat it. I always feared that I was going to gain weight. I love it, the colours are amazing and it’s easy to work with it!"

- Maria -
Wondering what kind of results you can expect from this 2-week program?
The Reconnect with Food program will help you:  
  • Know how to eat in a way that is nourishing, enjoyable and satisfying
  • Notice and act on the hunger and fullness cues your body is so wisely giving to you
  • Let go of the “diet mentality” and destructive thoughts about food and eating
  • Eat previously forbidden foods (like cookies, chocolate, and candy), without losing control
  •  Have more clarity around why you’ve continued to struggle with food year after year
  • Identify limiting beliefs, blocks and old memories that have kept you stuck in disconnected eating
  • Get clear on triggers and bust through blocks that have kept you in “self- sabotage” mode.
So, if you’re ready to dive in, really make yourself a priority and commit to the work that is necessary to heal,
this program is for you.
reconnect with food
One time payment.
  • Get Instant Access!
  • Private Members Area
  • Every lesson inside RECONNECT WITH FOOD
  • 2 Workbooks (one for each week) 
  • 2 Step by Step Audios
  • 2 Week Reflective Food Diary
  • 24/7 Email Support
  • Free Public Facebook Group
"I now think about food in a bit of a different way - food is nourishment, for health, for longevity, for healing, and sometimes just for pleasure. 
Reconnect with Food made me more aware of why I was participating in disconnected eating. It helped me identify what my triggers are that lead me to binge or eat in a disconnected way, and gave me alternative processes and ways to deal with my triggers. I am more mindful about food and take the time to think through why I am eating before I eat. This program just made me overall more in tune and connected to myself.”

- Amanda Dixon -
How long is the course?
Two-weeks. Week 1 will be available right away, and Week 2 will be released at the end of your first week. However, you can absolutely go at your own pace!

How long will I have access to all the materials?
For life! These will be tools you can continue to use over and over again inside the Private Membership Area.

What kind of foods will I be eating? I have food intolerances that I’m worried about…
Remember, this program isn’t about meal plans or rules. Reconnect with Food will help guide you towards foods that make you feel good, no matter what they might be (it’s different for everyone). It’s a lot less about what you eat, and a lot more to do with the how and the why.

What is your refund policy?
There is none! That’s how confident I am that this program will help you reconnect with food and heal your relationship with your body.

What if I buy the course and don’t like the content?
Again, I am confident that this program and all the materials will make a lasting and positive impact on your life. I did my best to give you a detailed explanation of what is included in the program and what you can expect. However, if you have any hesitation about the content or the program itself, please reach out to me with any questions:

When do I get my bonuses?
As soon as you purchase. You will have access to them right away!

How many spots are available?
There are unlimited spots for the Self-Study Course. If you are looking for some additional support, once you’re inside the Reconnect with Food Membership area you’ll have the ability to book yourself in for continued one on one support. I like to make sure that you get the care you deserve, which is why I don’t take on more than 5 clients at a time. This will be on a first come, first serve basis.

“Sairah has the most amazing ability to make you realize that you are WORTH IT. One of my favorite parts of the Reconnect with Food experience was the one-on-one with Sairah! Getting to know her and feeling her positivity through messages and our Skype call. Her energy is very contagious!!”
- Katrina Niederer -

So, beautiful soul sister….it’s time to commit to yourself.
In two weeks, your world can begin to change…because that’s what happens when you
cultivate a loving, nourishing relationship with your body and food.
Get Reconnect with Food Today for just $199
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